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Wednesday, November 25, 201511/25/2015

11/25/15 First Take

Kicking off your Wednesday morning with a Chicago cop charged with murder, Turkey shoots down Russian plane, ACLU sues MaineCare over abortion, Paris update, new suspect identified, Latest republican Iowa poll and Cosgrove leaves coaching job…


Tuesday, November 24, 201511/24/2015

11/24/15 First Take

Mike and Barry Hobbins enlighten your Tuesday morning with news that Turkey shot down a Russian plane after what they say are repeated warnings – Search for most wanted in Paris shootings, Connor MacCallister gets life, DHHS says no candy or soda for you! Legislature wants closer scrutiny of Me. Lottery and Pats win but it’s ugly and costly…


Monday, November 23, 201511/23/2015

11/23/15 First Take

We kick off the last week of November with a Paris update – Belgium house searches, Russia says US helped ISIS by Syrian policy, Munjoy Hill sign welcomes Syrian refugees, Trump defends roughing up protester, Mainers to have miserable Thanksgiving and a First snow in Maine!


Friday, November 20, 201511/20/2015

11/20/15 First Take

Closing out your Friday with a Paris update, hostages take 170 at Radisson Hotel in Mali, Syrian refugees excluded in House spending bill, Don Reiter charged with misdemeanor, Jared Fogle sentenced to 15 + years, MTA to move toll plaza…


Thursday, November 19, 201511/19/2015

11/19/15 First Take

Kicking off your Thursday morning with a Paris/Belgium update, Syrian refugees update, Don Reiter – will he be charged? Ranked choice voting petitions approved, Riverview upate and October hottest month ever in the history of humankind…


Wednesday, November 18, 201511/18/2015

11/18/15 First Take

Today’s topics for this Wednesday morning…More on Paris, Syrian refugees,  Waterville – Don Reiter, Nova Star says Nova Scotia owes them money, Jindal out of Presidential race, Ortiz to retire after next season?


Tuesday, November 17, 201511/17/2015

11/17/15 First Take

Starting off your Tuesday morning with more on Paris, the destroyed Russian plane, Waterville – Don Reiter, Syrian refugees, the search for El Faro black box ends and Trump says bomb the —- out of ISIS…


Monday, November 16, 201511/16/2015

11/16/15 First Take

Kicking off the middle of November with Friday’s attacks in Paris, Democratic debatc, Don Reiter, City council considers State, High Streets, the Offshore wind farm is back on the agenda and the Patriots….


Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

11/13/15 Eggs N’ Issues First Take

Ken and Mike are at the Holiday Inn by the bay for Eggs N’ Issues this morning! Is Jihad john dead? Trump takes on Carson, Government oversight committee considers Eves/LePage conflict, Secret service agent caught in sting, Then Utah judge says lesbian can’t have child and Justin Dipietro arrested…


Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

11/12/15 First Take

Kicking off this Thursday morning with Don Reiter, today’s Government Oversight Committee hearing, Robert Nadeau accused of misconduct, Student charged in threatening blacks at Missouri, Angel Green remembered, investigation continues and the Kurds launch offense against ISIS…

Local Headlines

in Local

One Dead In Bangor Shooting


BANGOR, Maine (AP) Police say one person was killed and another was seriously injured in a shooting at an apartment house in Bangor.

in Local

Heating Costs Drop A Bit


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) The Governor's Energy Office says the average statewide cash price for heating oil is down five cents from two weeks ago at $2 per gallon.

in Local

Maine Asking For Help Tracking Invasive, Destructive Moth


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry is asking for the public's help in locating destructive winter moth populations around the state.

National Headlines

in National

Smartphones may have role in rise of U.S. traffic deaths


The number of deaths from traffic accidents jumped 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015, suggesting smartphones and other driving distractions could be making America's roadways more dangerous.

in National

Consumers, retailers face off over deep holiday discounts


Polls show shoppers, who got even bigger discounts closer to Christmas last year, are cautious with their spending and willing to wait for deals.

in Black Friday, National

History of the holiday: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving celebrations date back to the first European settlements in America, but it wasn't until the 1860s that it was declared a national holiday.

in Black Friday, National

WATCH: How holiday shopping can help charities


In the frenzy of holiday shopping, consumers are doing more than getting great deals, they’re also using coupons to help raise money for a number of worthy causes.