Ken and Mike

Ken & Mike's First Take


Thursday, October 3, 201310/03/2013

10-3 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Thursday First Take covers day three of government shutdown, pro pot legalization ads coming to buses in Portland, and more!


Wednesday, October 2, 201310/02/2013

10-2 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Wednesday First Take continues the conversation on the government shutdown, and the beginning of Obamacare. That and more!


Tuesday, October 1, 201310/01/2013

10-1 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take talks government shutdown, tax hikes in Maine, and people for the ethical treatment of…lobsters?


Monday, September 30, 201309/30/2013

9-30 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Monday First Take covers all things government shutdown, Obamacare, and the rest of the latest from DC.


Friday, September 27, 201309/27/2013

9-27 First Take

On the Friday First Take, Mike and Barry Hobbins discuss the Pirates leaving Portland, the economic impact on Portland because of the Pirates leaving, the Government shutdown and more!


Thursday, September 26, 201309/26/2013

9-26 First Take

On the Friday First Take, Mike and Dennis discuss confrontation outside the Cumberland County courthouse in Portland, updates on the Kenyan mall incident, the Ted Cruz filibuster and more!


Wednesday, September 25, 201309/25/2013

9-25 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Wednesday First Take covers Ted Cruz’s ongoing filibuster on Obamacare, Iranian president talks peace, and the latest on the Kenyan mall situation!


Tuesday, September 24, 201309/24/2013

9-24 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take covers the latest on the Kenya mall attacks and the possible Maine connection, looming government shutdown, and more!


Monday, September 23, 201309/23/2013

9-23 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Monday First Take covers how Kenyan forces took position to secure the area around the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya, a partial budget passed by the house of representatives, Hillary Clinton thinking about running, and more!


Friday, September 20, 201309/20/2013

9-20 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Friday First Take covers an op ed from the Iranian president, the budget battle and possible government shutdown, the aftermath of the fire in Oldport, and more!

Local Headlines

in Local

Tougher Maine Drunk Driving Law Set to Go on Books


A law designed to crack down on the worst drunken driving violators in Maine goes into effect on Aug. 1.

in Local

Maine Wire Fraud Case Delayed Until Late August


The sentencing of a Vermont man convicted of wire fraud for submitting false invoices to a Maine town won't be scheduled until sometime after Aug. 22.

in Local

Searchers Find Body of Man Lost in Kennebec River


The Maine Warden Service says it has recovered the body of a 21-year-old man who went missing in the Kennebec River near Anson and Madison while swimming.

National Headlines

in National

Making headlines this week


A look at the news that made headlines and the stories you might have missed.

in National

Meat, seafood prices soaring on drought and disease


Get ready for your grocery bill to jump even higher.

in National

Republicans may try to impeach Obama


A top White House adviser says Republicans may try to impeach President Barack Obama over his go-it-alone immigration strategy.

in National

White House bemoans lawmakers’ delay on border crisis


White House officials expressed growing alarm that Congress may not approve $3.7B in emergency funds to tackle the child migration crisis.