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Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

1/8/16 First Take

Mike returns to close out your first week of the year with Obama and guns, Markets rattled, Paul LePage’s latest controversy, Oregon standoff continues, Falmouth land to be developed ane the continually rising Powerball…


Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

1/7/16 First Take

Ken and Phil Harriman start off your morning with China markets shake up world economy, North Korea maybe didn’t have bomb, Trump says China’s problem, Trump v. Cruz, Legislative session begins, Tribes want Oregon protesters off their land and Auburn allows medical marijuana in schools….


Wednesday, January 6, 201601/06/2016

1/6/15 First Take

Ken and Phil Harriman start off your middle of the week with North Korea, Obama gun proposals, Legislative session begins, LePage responds to suit, threat of impeachment, Flag ladies and Powerball…


Tuesday, January 5, 201601/05/2016

1/5/16 First Take

Ken and Phil Harriman kick off your Tuesday morning with Obama gun proposals, Iran, Oregon ranchers, China’s stock market, Flag ladies and LePage impeachment, legal defense against Eves…


Monday, January 4, 201601/04/2016

1/4/16 First Take

Phil Harriman and Ken kick off your first week of the year with Saudi Arabia v. Iran, Obama issuing an executive order on guns, Oregon armed group, El Faro, Patriots and Powerball is @ $400 million….


Wednesday, December 30, 201512/30/2015

12/30/15 First Take

Ken and Matt Gagnon discuss the First big snowfall, Pataki is out and Trump to buy tv ads, DOT privatizing bridge, Ethan Couch arrested in Mexico then Peter Coffin charged for overdose in Old Port and David Marple arrested for killing a couple…


Tuesday, December 29, 201512/29/2015

12/29/15 First Take

Ken and Julie kick off your morning with Snow, Cleveland cop not indicted, Casco Bay bridge maintenance contracted out and Japan apologizes to S. Korea for WWII sex slaves…


Monday, December 28, 201512/28/2015

12/28/15 First Take

Kicking off your Post-Holiday week – a new casino proposal in Maine, Chicago police kill two, Snow arrives and tornadoes hit the south, Patriots and Manning – Carolina loses, Star Wars hits 1 billion in record time and then Meadowlark Lemon and Dave Henderson gone…


Thursday, December 24, 201512/24/2015

12/24/15 First Take

On this Thursday’s First Take – Threats to westerners in China, Trump poll numbers, USM racism, Sandy Hook victims get money from shooter’s mother’s estate, Will not be a white Christmas and Beatles music is now streaming!


Wednesday, December 23, 201512/23/2015

12/23/15 First Take

Kick off Festivus with an Oxford County drug bust, Eves v. LePage, Hillary v. Trump, Ted Cruz v. Washington Post, Flag ladies and Congress Square Plaza…

Local Headlines

17 hours ago in Local

Waldoboro Man Charged with Kidnapping and Assault


A Waldoboro Man who was charged with kidnapping and assault could be released on bail.

1 day ago in Local

Police are Looking for Man Who Fled After High-Speed Chase


Police are looking for a man who fled on foot after his car crashed in Manchester after a high-speed police chase.

1 day ago in Local

More Than 84,000 Mainers Sign Up for Health Coverage


The U.S. Department of health and Human Services says more than 84,000 Mainers signed up for health insurance for this year under the Affordable Care Act.

National Headlines

1 day ago in National

Making headlines this week


A look back at some of the biggest stories this week and the headlines you may have missed.

2 days ago in National

U.S. doctors upgrade Zika precautions; virus found in saliva, urine


Brazilian scientists announced on Friday they had found Zika in the saliva and urine of two patients, as U.S. health officials advised more stringent measures for monitoring pregnant women for Zika and preventing sexual transmission of the virus.

2 days ago in National

Nearly 13 million have signed up for Obamacare


About 12.7 million Americans signed up for health insurance coverage through the government insurance exchanges, surpassing its expectations.

2 days ago in National

Democrats block U.S. energy bill in fight over Flint aid


Senate Democrats teamed up with some of their Republican counterparts on Thursday and blocked a wide-ranging U.S. energy bill in a fight over aid to Flint, Michigan, to help rectify its drinking water crisis.