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Ken & Mike's First Take


Thursday, September 12, 201309/12/2013

9-12 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Thursday First Take updates you with the latest on Syria, including Putin writing to American’s in the New York Times, the storm that hit last night, and Maine’s oldest drive in movie theater rescued by social networking!


Wednesday, September 11, 201309/11/2013

9-11 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take discusses the Presidents speech on Syria, the 12th Anniversary of 9-11, Anthony Wiener’s results in NY, the 15 year old girls who put a kitten in a microwave and more!


Tuesday, September 10, 201309/10/2013

9-10 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take discusses Obama hitting all the networks on Syria, the city council’s decision on the congress square plaza proposal, Zimmerman in trouble yet again, and more!


Monday, September 9, 201309/09/2013

9-9 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Monday First Take covers the latest in the gearing up for war in Syria, city council to vote on the eviction of park protesters, the Pirates filed a lawsuit against the civic center, and more!


Friday, September 6, 201309/06/2013

9-6 Friday First Take

Ken and Mike’s Friday First Take covers the fears of a possible US strike against Syria’s regime, a cold reception for Obama by Russian President Putin at the G20 Summit, Congress Square Protests and more!


Thursday, September 5, 201309/05/2013

9-5 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Thursday First Take covers the Obama administration drumming up support for war, Ariel Castro suicide updates, and Civic Center trustees are headed to court!


Wednesday, September 4, 201309/04/2013

9-4 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Wednesday First Take covers congress beginning to weigh in on Syria, the death of Ariel Castro, and more!


Tuesday, September 3, 201309/03/2013

9-3 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take covers all the big stories in Maine and the country including the latest with Syria, charter schools, and more!

Friday, August 30, 201308/30/2013

8-30 First Take

Friday’s First Take covers US Military Action in Syria, the Legislator proposes 100 million transportation bond, a selectman resigns after a Facebook post about the president that got him in hot water, and more!


Thursday, August 29, 201308/29/2013

8-29 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Thursday First Take covers the latest out of Syria, Hassan gets the death penalty, criticism of the sentence in a Montana rape trial, and more!

Local Headlines

in Local

Police Identify Driver in Fatal Crash


Police have identified the driver who died in a crash in Berwick, Maine, after he lost control of his car due to slippery road conditions and slid in the path of a van.

in Local

Maine Town Asked About Safety Before Station Death


The Cape Elizabeth Town Council was asked to review safety issues at a transfer station months before a former public works director was killed in an accident there this week.

in Local

Power Outages Down to Around 25,000 in Maine


More power has been restored in Maine after a snowstorm left over 100,000 customers in the dark for Thanksgiving.

National Headlines

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Making headlines this week


A look at the big newsmaker this week and the headlines you may have missed.

in National

FedEx predicts increase in holiday deliveries


It's going to be another record-setting holiday season for shipments.

in National

Black Friday gun buys test background check system


As stores crowd with holiday shoppers, gun buyers will be challenging the nation's background check system to keep up.

in Black Friday, National

PHOTOS: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


The 88th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade stepped off in NYC, officially ushering in the holiday season.