Ken and Mike

Ken & Mike's First Take


Tuesday, May 21, 201305/21/2013

5-21 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take includes: Tornadoes devastate Oklahoma, Medicaid expansion bill passes the Senate, an update on the Obama IRS scandal, and LePage wants to eliminate the State Income tax.


Monday, May 20, 201305/20/2013

5-20 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Monday First Take covers Obama’s weekend including the latest on the IRS scandal, LePage not allowed to speak at appropriations committee meeting, tornadoes hit the Midwest, Nicole Cable still missing, and more!


Friday, May 17, 201305/17/2013

5-17 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Friday First Take covers a final note left by the Boston marathon bomber, the latest on the Maine hospital bill, and Medicaid expansion, three abortion bills in legislative committee, and Westbrook school officials have been indicted.


Thursday, May 16, 201305/16/2013

5-16 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Thursday First Take covers the latest in the Obama scandals, including the IRS and Benghazi, Nicole Cable goes missing, OJ updates and more!


Wednesday, May 15, 201305/15/2013

5-15 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Wednesday edition of First Take covers the developing IRS scandal, Benghazi updates, the Bruins win, and Angelina’s boobs. All that and more!


Tuesday, May 14, 201305/14/2013

5-14 First Take

Ken and Mike’s Tuesday First Take covers a slew of scandals from the IRS Conservative group targeting, wiretapping of the AP, and the latest on Benghazi. Thoughts on the Bruins win, plus much more!


Monday, May 13, 201305/13/2013

5-13 First Take

In Monday’s First Take, Ken and Mike talk about how the IRS targeted conservative groups, the Benghazi investigation continues, Castro brothers deny knowledge of brother’s activities, and the third Lewiston fire starters have been arrested. All that and more!


Friday, May 10, 201305/10/2013

5-10 First Take

Mike and Dennis bring you their Friday First Take with their thoughts on the Cleveland kidnappings with the daughter’s interview with CNN, “Tax reform” the Gang of 11’s proposal, Benghazi hearings continue, and more!


Thursday, May 9, 201305/09/2013

5-9 First Take

Mike and Dennis Bailey give you their opinions on the top stories of the day including the rescued women in Ohio, the Bruins rolling through the playoffs and more!


Wednesday, May 8, 201305/08/2013

5-8 First Take

Ken & Mike give you their opinions on the day’s top stories including the horror in Ohio, LePage not sending help the Lewiston and a proposed speed limit change!

Local Headlines

in Local

Michaud Raises $430K, Cutler Brings in $419K


Gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud has raised more than $430,000 in the latest filing period.

in Local

Maine’s Great Northern Paper Files for Bankruptcy

Newsradio WGAN

Great Northern Paper Co. LLC has filed for bankruptcy.

in Local

Police: Scarborough Teen Accused of Bringing Knife to School


SCARBOROUGH, Me (WGAN News) - A Scarborough High School student was arrested after police said he brought a knife to school Tuesday morning.

National Headlines

in National, World

U.S., Arab allies launch first strikes in Syria


The U.S. and Arab allies opened a new front against militants by joining Syria's three-year-old civil war.

in National, World

CDC: Ebola cases could hit 1.4M by early next year


Between 550,000 and 1.4 million people in West Africa could be infected with the virus by 2015, according to a report issued on Tuesday.

in National

Bin Laden son-in-law sentenced to life in prison


A son-in-law of Osama bin Laden, was sentenced to life in prison following his conviction on terrorism charges.

in National

Government hackers try to crack


The government's own watchdogs say they tried to hack into the site and found a critical vulnerability.