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Tuesday, September 29, 201509/29/2015

9/29/15 First Take

Kicking off this soft Tuesday morning with an Afghan airstrike, Obama meets with Putin, the Senate spending bill, Trump’s tax plan, Joyce Mitchell gets sentenced and Portlanders for a Living Wage…


Monday, September 28, 201509/28/2015

9/28/15 First Take

Kicking off the week this morning with the Pope’s visit is over, Boehner quits as Speaker and quits Congress too, Trump 60 Minutes interview, last night’s Blood Moon eclipse the a New Gloucester woman arrested after 7 yr. old son alone in car for hours and Brady, Pats hammer Jags.  Scorched Earth Tour continues…


Friday, September 25, 201509/25/2015

9/25/15 First Take

Closing out the week this Friday morning, topics include the Pope, New CNN republican poll, Government shutdown, Welfare in Lewiston, more on Bras in jail then Supermoon on Sunday…


Thursday, September 24, 201509/24/2015

9/24/15 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off today with the Pope’s visit, Government shutdown pending (again), Trump whines about rivals and media; Won’t appear on Fox, Republicans propose referendum on taxes and welfare and Bras in jail…


Wednesday, September 23, 201509/23/2015

9/23/15 First Take

Today’s affectionate Wednesday topics include the Pope visiting US, LePage, Connor MacCalister to plead guilty. Syracuse kiss cam, Trash cans for needles and in sports -Yogi Berra, Jack Larson dead…


Monday, September 21, 201509/21/2015

9/21/15 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off this Monday with Carson on Muslims, Trump on Obama, Fiorina’s poll numbers, Joe Biden’s wife says yes, the Pope, Baby Bella the Patriots and the Emmys…


Friday, September 18, 201509/18/2015

9/18/15 First Take

Mike and Barry Hobbins close out the week with Trump’s Muslim statements, Portland cop praised for saving heroin addict/message on facebook, Hillary in Portland today, Mainers like to drink!  We get 46 million from liquor contract then Skowhegan Indian controversy continues and a UNH Law class on Deflategate…


Thursday, September 17, 201509/17/2015

9/17/15 First Take

Ken and Julie kick off this soft Thursday morning with last night’s “Donald Trump” Debate with the current 11 candidates, more on the Refugee crisis, Food stamps change, Ahmed Mohamed arrest for clock then Plastic bags to be banned in Falmouth and Tom Brady endorses Trump…


Wednesday, September 16, 201509/16/2015

9/16/15 First Take

Ken and Julie kick off this soft Wednesday morning with the CNN Debate, Iran vote in Senate, Lepage and LMF. Poliquin and the Export-Import Bank, Cassidy Patten and is Portland a sanctuary city?


Tuesday, September 15, 201509/15/2015

9-15 Eggs and Issues

Local Headlines

in Local

Police: Driver Struck, Killed, After Getting Out of SUV


Police say a driver who decided to stop his SUV on a road in Maine and get out was struck and killed by a passing vehicle.

in Local

Maine Police: 6 Fires Intentionally Set Along Interstate 95


Maine State Police say they are looking for a white sedan with two men inside who may be responsible for setting six fires along a 10-mile stretch of Interstate 95 southbound from Waterville to Sidney.

in Local

Methamphetamine Continues to be a Problem in Maine


Maine's heroin epidemic is getting much of the attention from law enforcement officials and policymakers, but methamphetamine continues to be a persistent problem.

National Headlines

in National

Police arrest gunman after fatal siege at Colorado abortion clinic


Police arrested a gunman who stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs.

in Black Friday, Lifestyle, National

Black Friday crowds thin in subdued start to holiday shopping


America's annual Black Friday shopping extravaganza was short on fireworks this year.

in National

Making headlines this week

Santa Claus participates in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, in New York. (Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP)

A look at some of this week's biggest newsmakers and the headlines you may have missed.

in National

Smartphones may have role in rise of U.S. traffic deaths


The number of deaths from traffic accidents jumped 8.1 percent in the first half of 2015, suggesting smartphones and other driving distractions could be making America's roadways more dangerous.