Ken and Mike

Ken & Mike's First Take


Monday, February 29, 201602/29/2016

2/29/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Monday morning with Hillary taking SC, Trump, Super Tuesday, Maine caucuses approaching, the Oscar and the Leap Year!


Friday, February 26, 201602/26/2016

2/26/16 First Take

Ken and Mike wrap up the week with the Republican debate, final El Faro hearings, First Zika cases in Maine, LePage opposes Narcan availability, a Bill proposed to make it a felony to have sex with a student advances and Whitey Bulger has a yeast infection…


Thursday, February 25, 201602/25/2016

2/25/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off your rainy day with Trump and tax returns, Reid endorses Hillary, the El Faro hearings continue, Obama may nominate Utah governor for Super Ct, Evictions stayed for now and Less moose to be killed,,,


Wednesday, February 24, 201602/24/2016

2/24/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start your Wednesday morning off with Trump winning Nevada, the El Faro hearings, Senate committee will not consider Obama Super Ct. nominee, Bill to protect gun ranges introduced, Pingree advocates for girl with tattoo and Landlord evictions and Strimling…


Tuesday, February 23, 201602/23/2016

2/23/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start your Tuesday off with the Presidential politics update, the Uber killer in court, Collins, other republicans open to SCOTUS nomination, El Faro investigation continues. LePage wants surplus money to go to rainy day fund and the NRA lobbies state to not restrict guns in public housing…


Monday, February 22, 201602/22/2016

2/22/16 First Take

Ken and MIke kick off your morning with SC election results, Nevada election results, Jeb Bush out, Maine caucuses two weeks away, Maine achieves full employment and Strimling renovating office…


Friday, February 19, 201602/19/2016

2/19/16 First Take

Closing out your week today with Trump vs. Pope, Wayfair coming to Maine. Proposed increase to teacher salaries, LePage appoints sheriff. Tyrell Gullatt update and Noah Gaston may get bail…


Thursday, February 18, 201602/18/2016

2/18/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off your Thursday morning with the South Carolina town hall, Democrats tied in Nevada, Tyrell Gullatt, El Faro investigation continues, Portland Co. shop to be demolished and an update on Scalia replacement; Collins would consider any nominee…


Wednesday, February 17, 201602/17/2016

2/17/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Wednesday morning with the South Carolina primary, Scalia update, Lepage in Freeport, Apple fights the feds getting terrorist’s phone and their privacy policy, Minimum wage referendum approved and IRS scam circulating in Maine…


Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

2/16/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start your messy Tuesday off with Scalia death fallout, the Grammy Awards, Hillary barks like a dog in Nevada, Later start for middle school and high school kids in Southern Maine, Woman who stole beverage truck is at it again and Viagra?

Local Headlines

2 hours ago in Local

Turnpike Crash Kills Baby


WELLS, Maine (AP) A baby has been killed in a crash on the Maine Turnpike in Wells.

14 hours ago in Local

Affidavit: Wife Present When Youth Minister Abused Child


Court documents indicated a youth minister's wife was present when he allegedly sexually abused a girl.

15 hours ago in Local

Sanford Police Warns Of Deadly Synthetic Mixed With Heroin


The Sanford Police Department is warning about a new drug being cut with heroin.

National Headlines

18 hours ago in National

Conservatives in Congress urge shutdown of tax-collecting IRS


It's a U.S. taxpayer's dream: make the Internal Revenue Service go away, and the largest conservative group in Congress is endorsing just that.

22 hours ago in National, World

Islamic State boosts attacks in response to territorial losses


Islamic State attacks have increased this year, particularly in Iraq and Syria as the group responds to substantial territorial losses, a U.S.-based analysis firm says.

22 hours ago in National

Clinton, looking ahead to general election, begins Appalachia tour


U.S. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton begins a two-day tour on Monday through rural, traditionally coal-reliant parts of the eastern Appalachian region where Republican rival Donald Trump’s pro-coal, anti-trade message has resonated with economically distressed voters.

22 hours ago in National

Eyeing an Indiana victory, Trump says, ‘It’s over’


Front-runner Donald Trump says that he will have essentially sealed the Republican U.S. presidential nomination if he wins Tuesday's contest in Indiana, where he holds a big lead over chief rival Ted Cruz.