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Wednesday, February 17, 201602/17/2016

2/17/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Wednesday morning with the South Carolina primary, Scalia update, Lepage in Freeport, Apple fights the feds getting terrorist’s phone and their privacy policy, Minimum wage referendum approved and IRS scam circulating in Maine…


Tuesday, February 16, 201602/16/2016

2/16/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start your messy Tuesday off with Scalia death fallout, the Grammy Awards, Hillary barks like a dog in Nevada, Later start for middle school and high school kids in Southern Maine, Woman who stole beverage truck is at it again and Viagra?


Monday, February 15, 201602/15/2016

2/15/16 First Take

Ken and Mike Kick off your President’s Day Monday with news of Justice Scalia’s death, Republican debate, Cape Elizabeth Rod & Gun club under fire, K-12 education funded by surcharge, Lepage makes fun of Chinese businessman and Presidents Day…


Friday, February 12, 201602/12/2016

2/12/16 First Take

Ken and Mike close out this week with the Hillary Bernie debate, LePage, Another attempt to find El Faro recorder, James Pak will die in jail, Garmin buys DeLorme an dEinstein’s theory proved right on space time ripples!


Thursday, February 11, 201602/11/2016

2/11/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Thursday morning with the move to the South Carolina primary, Christie and Fiorina are out, DHHS sends out EBT cards letter, Oregon occupants to turn themselves in, LePage threatens legislature over Riverton and Sirhan denied bail…


Wednesday, February 10, 201602/10/2016

2/10/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off your morning with Trump, Sanders, LePage brings up race and drugs, Supreme Court hatls Clean Energy plan, Bill Beardsley nomination temporarily withdrawn and Medical malpractice proposal in legislature…


Tuesday, February 9, 201602/09/2016

2/9/16 New Hampshire Primary First Take

Ken, Mike and the Team are at in New Hampshire today live from the New Hampshire Primary. First topic is the Dixville Notch votes, Republicans, Democrats, State of the state, Maine polling video and Maine gas prices!


Monday, February 8, 201602/08/2016

2/8/16 First Take

Ken and Mike “Kick off” your week with the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl commercials, GOP Debate. North Korea, Albright and Steinem support Hillary and Chipotle….


Friday, February 5, 201602/05/2016

2/5/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Friday morning with the Democratic debate, Republican’s latest poll, Lepage and transgenders, Snacks at breweries and Congress Square art…


Thursday, February 4, 201602/04/2016

2/4/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off your Thursday morning with the Democratic town hall in NH, Trump and Cruz take off gloves; Santorum and Paul out, Forest Avenue building protest, Bundy indicted, Heroin penalties debated and Bob Elliott is dead…

Local Headlines

1 hour ago in Local

Fishing Panel Urges Obama Not To Set Atlantic Sea Monument


A key interstate fishing commission is calling on the White House to shoot down or dramatically limit a proposal for a national monument in the Atlantic Ocean.

1 hour ago in Local

Woman Killed In Crash In Porter


State Police say a woman was killed this afternoon when her car struck a tractor trailer along Route 25 in Porter.

6 hours ago in Local

Zoning changes would promote solar arrays in South Portland


Planning officials in South Portland, Maine, have proposed changes to the city's zoning regulations to allow for more commercial and residential solar power installations.

National Headlines

5 hours ago in National

Trump looks to unify Republicans; Kasich reported dropping out


Billionaire Donald Trump assumed the mantle of presumptive Republican presidential nominee on Wednesday with a message on unity that also suggested he was not going to work too hard to placate some party establishment figures angered by his outsider candidacy.

9 hours ago in National

Takata recalls millions more air bag inflators


Automakers will recall up to 40 million more air bag inflators installed by Takata Corp by 2019, expanding the largest automotive recall in American history.

10 hours ago in National

School safety: Drops in bullying, violent crime on campus


The latest government snapshot of school crime paints a picture of safer schools, with declines in violent crime, bullying and harassment because of sexual orientation.

10 hours ago in National, World

U.S. gathers allies on next steps in Islamic State fight


The United States gathered defense ministers from 11 other countries for talks on Wednesday about ways to strengthen the campaign against Islamic State, a day after a U.S. Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq during an attack by the militant group.