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Ken & Mike's First Take


Tuesday, February 2, 201602/02/2016

2/2/16 First Take

Mike and Barry starting your morning off with Trump and Cruz in Iowa, Hilllary and Uncle Bernie too close to call, On to New Hampshire, Ethan Strimling delivers State of the City of Portland, Biddeford landlord pleads guilty to 2 counts of murder and Petitions for York City Casino get submitted…


Monday, February 1, 201602/01/2016

2/1/16 First Take

Mike and Barry kick off your first day of February with the Iowa Caucuses, New Hampshire, More Maine heroin arrests, Teens in Saco, ME Turnpike use and revenues up in 2015, ME GOP welfare and tax reform proposals won’t make 2016 ballot and it looks like at least 5 initiatives will make the Maine ballot…


Friday, January 29, 201601/29/2016

1/29/16 First Take

Mike and Barry Hobbins close out your week with the Iowa GOP Debate, Trump holds vets fundraiser during debate, ME Republican ballot initiatives on taxes may have to wait til 2017, ME Chief Justice Leigh Saufley reappointed to a 3rd term by LePage, Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kanther dead at 74 and Mt. Blue High student expelled for giving away pot brownies on school grounds…


Thursday, January 28, 201601/28/2016

1/28/16 First Take

Mike and Barry Hobbins this morning. Kicking it off with LePage: Mainers who conceal carry could help us rid ourselves of drug dealers, Augusta murder suspect commits suicide in jail, Biddeford Dem Senator resigns for rehab, Trump goes on Fox and says he still won’t appear at tonight’s debate, LePage suggest Lewiston and Auburn merge into one city, and New Portland Fire Chief


Wednesday, January 27, 201601/27/2016

1/27/16 First Take

Ken returns with Mike this morning with news on the Oregon arrests – 1 is dead, Trump to skip Fox debate, LePge wants capital punishment, Cynthia Montgomery confirmed, the Flint water controversy continues and Abe Vigoda is dead…


Tuesday, January 26, 201601/26/2016

1/26/16 First Take

Mike and Dennis kick off your Tuesday morning with Town Hall in Iowa/Poll says Hillary below 50% with Democrats, Anti-Planned Parenthood group indicted over videos, a Windham man charged with murdering his wife., Scarborough teen charged with attempted murder in shooting, El Faro settlement and the Patriots fire offensive line coach day after Denver debacle…


Monday, January 25, 201601/25/2016

1/25/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Monday morning with the Patriots, a Primary update, Bloomberg eyeing a run, Mills tells LePage legal advisers are illegal, Don McLean and the East coast digs out of the snow!


Friday, January 22, 201601/22/2016

1/22/16 First Take

Ken and Mike close out this week with Primary updates, Cosby wins round in court, Petition signature collectors pushy in Portland, Is ranked choice voting constitutional? Is Don McLean abusive? and Prime number sets record with 22.3 digits…


Thursday, January 21, 201601/21/2016

1/21/16 First Take

Ken and Mike give you a First Take preview of Trump / Palin on campaign trial; Cruz has bad two days, Medicinal marijuana jumps 46%, Gas prices keep dropping in Maine, Darius Fleming saves woman, Blizzard of the century and 2015 is recorded as the hottest year ever!


Wednesday, January 20, 201601/20/2016

1/20/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your middle of the week with a Pakistan attack, Supreme Court to consider Obama’s immigration orders, Sarah Palin endorsing Trump, Background check petitions delivered, LePage signs drug bill and Portland’s diversity position downgraded…

Local Headlines

15 hours ago in Local

Bangor Police Searching For Man Accused Of Making Meth


Bangor Police are asking for the public's help in finding a man accused of making meth.

16 hours ago in Local

Commission Wants To Protect Maine’s Lobsters Future


Scientists will study northern New England's key lobster fishing areas in an attempt to protect the crustaceans

16 hours ago in Local

Man Charged In Killing Was Freed From Jail 3 Weeks Earlier


A 25-year-old man accused of killing a Maine woman in Florida and having sex with her corpse had been released from jail three weeks before the slaying.

National Headlines

13 hours ago in National, Olympics, Sports

Flame lands in troubled Brazil for 94-day relay to Games


President Dilma Rousseff lit the Olympic torch in Brazil's capital on Tuesday and pledged that political turmoil engulfing her nation would not harm the first Games to be held in South America.

14 hours ago in National, World

Islamic State kills U.S. Navy SEAL in northern Iraq


Islamic State militants killed a U.S. serviceman in northern Iraq on Tuesday after blasting through Kurdish defences and overrunning a town in the biggest offensive in the area for months.

21 hours ago in National

Obama takes Supreme Court fight to Republican senators’ home turf


President Barack Obama on Monday took the political battle over his pick for a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court to the home states of seven Republican senators up for re-election in November.

21 hours ago in National

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Seattle minimum wage law


The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge by business groups to Seattle's law raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour, a move echoed by other locales, in a case focusing on how the ordinance affected local franchises like McDonald's.