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Tuesday, January 19, 201601/19/2016

1/19/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off with news of Glenn Frey’s death, Thibodeau 1st republican to speak at MLK celebration; LePage in Lewiston gathering, is Portland’s minimum wage illegal? Scarborough shooting, Don McLean arrested and an Oscar boycott…


Monday, January 18, 201601/18/2016

1/18/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off by recognizing Martin Luther King Day, then the Democrats debate, Iran prisoner exchange, ISIS kill hundreds in Syria, Where should graduate center be built? And the Patriots…


Friday, January 15, 201601/15/2016

1/15/16 First Take

Mike and Dennis kick off your morning with LePage avoided impeachment, the GOP Debate, Petition signatures for statewide vote on min. wage submitted, Wells woman dead for more than 2 yrs. No one knew, Mainers spent 4.6 million on Powerball tickets and Windham woman shot and killed in her home by her husband…


Thursday, January 14, 201601/14/2016

1/14/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Thursday morning with LePage Impeachment, Asst to the mayor, the Powerball, Al Jazeera, a Wells woman is dead and Chandler Jones…


Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

1/13/16 First Take

Ken and Mike brave the winter weather this morning to deliver you the latest on Obama’s Final State of the Union, Iran has let sailors go, LePage, Drug bill passes in ME House, Cold case squad being funded and the Powerball…


Tuesday, January 12, 201601/12/2016

1/12/16 Eggs N’ Issues

This morning is the monthly Eggs N’ Issues segment live from the Holiday Inn by the Bay! Ken and Mike kick off your morning with Bombing in Turkey, Oregon stand off continues, CVS is looking to tear down buildings on Forest Ave, Real ID in maine gets two year extension, George Mitchell to lead St. Patrick’s Day parade in NY,..


Monday, January 11, 201601/11/2016

1/11/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off you week with David Bowie, El Chapo, LePage Impeachment, Bernie gaining ground in polls in NH and Iowa, the Playoffs and the Powerball….


Friday, January 8, 201601/08/2016

1/8/16 First Take

Mike returns to close out your first week of the year with Obama and guns, Markets rattled, Paul LePage’s latest controversy, Oregon standoff continues, Falmouth land to be developed ane the continually rising Powerball…


Thursday, January 7, 201601/07/2016

1/7/16 First Take

Ken and Phil Harriman start off your morning with China markets shake up world economy, North Korea maybe didn’t have bomb, Trump says China’s problem, Trump v. Cruz, Legislative session begins, Tribes want Oregon protesters off their land and Auburn allows medical marijuana in schools….


Wednesday, January 6, 201601/06/2016

1/6/15 First Take

Ken and Phil Harriman start off your middle of the week with North Korea, Obama gun proposals, Legislative session begins, LePage responds to suit, threat of impeachment, Flag ladies and Powerball…

Local Headlines

1 min ago in Local

Governor Gets New Dog


LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — The governor who holds the state record for vetoes has named his new dog Veto.

17 hours ago in Local

Bangor Police Searching For Man Accused Of Making Meth


Bangor Police are asking for the public's help in finding a man accused of making meth.

18 hours ago in Local

Commission Wants To Protect Maine’s Lobsters Future


Scientists will study northern New England's key lobster fishing areas in an attempt to protect the crustaceans

National Headlines

15 hours ago in National, Olympics, Sports

Flame lands in troubled Brazil for 94-day relay to Games


President Dilma Rousseff lit the Olympic torch in Brazil's capital on Tuesday and pledged that political turmoil engulfing her nation would not harm the first Games to be held in South America.

16 hours ago in National, World

Islamic State kills U.S. Navy SEAL in northern Iraq


Islamic State militants killed a U.S. serviceman in northern Iraq on Tuesday after blasting through Kurdish defences and overrunning a town in the biggest offensive in the area for months.

23 hours ago in National

Obama takes Supreme Court fight to Republican senators’ home turf


President Barack Obama on Monday took the political battle over his pick for a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court to the home states of seven Republican senators up for re-election in November.

23 hours ago in National

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Seattle minimum wage law


The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge by business groups to Seattle's law raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour, a move echoed by other locales, in a case focusing on how the ordinance affected local franchises like McDonald's.