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Tuesday, January 26, 201601/26/2016

1/26/16 First Take

Mike and Dennis kick off your Tuesday morning with Town Hall in Iowa/Poll says Hillary below 50% with Democrats, Anti-Planned Parenthood group indicted over videos, a Windham man charged with murdering his wife., Scarborough teen charged with attempted murder in shooting, El Faro settlement and the Patriots fire offensive line coach day after Denver debacle…


Monday, January 25, 201601/25/2016

1/25/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Monday morning with the Patriots, a Primary update, Bloomberg eyeing a run, Mills tells LePage legal advisers are illegal, Don McLean and the East coast digs out of the snow!


Friday, January 22, 201601/22/2016

1/22/16 First Take

Ken and Mike close out this week with Primary updates, Cosby wins round in court, Petition signature collectors pushy in Portland, Is ranked choice voting constitutional? Is Don McLean abusive? and Prime number sets record with 22.3 digits…


Thursday, January 21, 201601/21/2016

1/21/16 First Take

Ken and Mike give you a First Take preview of Trump / Palin on campaign trial; Cruz has bad two days, Medicinal marijuana jumps 46%, Gas prices keep dropping in Maine, Darius Fleming saves woman, Blizzard of the century and 2015 is recorded as the hottest year ever!


Wednesday, January 20, 201601/20/2016

1/20/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your middle of the week with a Pakistan attack, Supreme Court to consider Obama’s immigration orders, Sarah Palin endorsing Trump, Background check petitions delivered, LePage signs drug bill and Portland’s diversity position downgraded…


Tuesday, January 19, 201601/19/2016

1/19/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off with news of Glenn Frey’s death, Thibodeau 1st republican to speak at MLK celebration; LePage in Lewiston gathering, is Portland’s minimum wage illegal? Scarborough shooting, Don McLean arrested and an Oscar boycott…


Monday, January 18, 201601/18/2016

1/18/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start off by recognizing Martin Luther King Day, then the Democrats debate, Iran prisoner exchange, ISIS kill hundreds in Syria, Where should graduate center be built? And the Patriots…


Friday, January 15, 201601/15/2016

1/15/16 First Take

Mike and Dennis kick off your morning with LePage avoided impeachment, the GOP Debate, Petition signatures for statewide vote on min. wage submitted, Wells woman dead for more than 2 yrs. No one knew, Mainers spent 4.6 million on Powerball tickets and Windham woman shot and killed in her home by her husband…


Thursday, January 14, 201601/14/2016

1/14/16 First Take

Ken and Mike kick off your Thursday morning with LePage Impeachment, Asst to the mayor, the Powerball, Al Jazeera, a Wells woman is dead and Chandler Jones…


Wednesday, January 13, 201601/13/2016

1/13/16 First Take

Ken and Mike brave the winter weather this morning to deliver you the latest on Obama’s Final State of the Union, Iran has let sailors go, LePage, Drug bill passes in ME House, Cold case squad being funded and the Powerball…

Local Headlines

49 mins ago in Local

Police Investigating Thefts find Teens Handcuffed Together


Authorities in Maine say they found two car burglary suspects handcuffed together after an overnight crime spree.

54 mins ago in Local

Parents get strange letter about missing son decades later


A mysterious letter that was recently sent to a couple whose son disappeared nearly 40 years ago from Fort Kent, Maine, has rekindled police interest in the case.

59 mins ago in Local

Hazmat crews respond to ammonia leak in Portland


Hazardous material crews spent the morning cleaning up an ammonia leak in Portland.

National Headlines

10 hours ago in National

Democrats, seeking unity, give Sanders say in party platform


The Democratic Party said on Monday it would give U.S. presidential contender Bernie Sanders a prominent say in writing its platform this year, a gesture that could ease tensions between Sanders' camp and party leaders, whom Sanders has accused of favoring rival Hillary Clinton.

10 hours ago in National

Hawaii could be first to put gun owners in federal database


Hawaii could become the first state in the nation to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country.

10 hours ago in Lifestyle, National

Kicking the habit: Adult smoking rate in U.S. is falling fast


The smoking rate among U.S. adults has been falling steadily for decades but the latest survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds the 2015 decline is the biggest in more than 20 years.

11 hours ago in National

States on Zika’s frontline see big gaps in funding, expertise


In Mississippi, a small team of entomologists has begun the first survey of mosquito populations in decades. Experts do not believe the kind of mosquitoes most likely to carry the Zika virus are active in the state, but they cannot know for sure.