Ken and Mike



Tuesday, March 8, 201603/08/2016

3/8/16 Podcast Justin Alfond

Proposing making Maine a Primary state, Justin Alfond joins Ken and Mike after the recent Maine Caucuses.


Tuesday, March 8, 201603/08/2016

3/8/16 First Take

Ken and Mike’s morning starts you off with Super Tuesday 2, Maine primary push, Erin Andrews verdict, Dug overdoses in Maine, LePage and UM tuition freeze and Peyton Manning retires…


Monday, March 7, 201603/07/2016

3/7/16 Podcast Mark Eaton

Mark Eaton, the Writer for Capitol Steps joins Ken and Mike this morning!


Monday, March 7, 201603/07/2016

3/7/16 Podcast Steve Mistler

Steve Mistler of the Portland Press Herald joins Ken and Mike every Monday after the 8AM news to talk about the latest in local and national politics!


Monday, March 7, 201603/07/2016

3/7/16 Mondays with the Mayor

Every Monday after the 7AM news, Portland City Mayor Ethan Strimling joins Ken and MIke in the studio to answer your questions!

Monday, March 7, 201603/07/2016

3/7/16 Podcast Ryan Burrow

The Democrats have wrapped up their debate in Flint, Michigan, a city suffering from a water crisis. The debate in Flint comes just hours before Michigan’s primaries on Tuesday. Hillary Clinton has been leading in the polls, but Bernie Sanders has already nabbed a Great Lakes state in Minnesota. Ryan, who was at Sunday’s debate with a break down, and how things are shaping up for Tuesday’s primary.


Monday, March 7, 201603/07/2016

3/7/16 First Take

Ken and Mike start your week off with the Weekend primaries, the Democratic debate, Nancy Reagan, Alfond primary proposal, Peyton Manning retires and Portland overtime spending…


Friday, March 4, 201603/04/2016

3/4/16 Podcast Chelsea Doyle

Talking Entertainment this morning, Ken’s daughter Chelsea Doyle joins Ken and Mike!


Friday, March 4, 201603/04/2016

3/4/16 Podcast Tory Ryden

Talking this week’s Inside Maine, Tory Ryden joins Ken and Mike on this Friday morning!


Friday, March 4, 201603/04/2016

3/4/16 Podcast Jane Sanders

Calling in this morning, Jane Sanders joins Ken and Mike to talk about the campaign trail!

Local Headlines

6 hours ago in Local

Affidavit: Wife Present When Youth Minister Abused Child


Court documents indicated a youth minister's wife was present when he allegedly sexually abused a girl.

7 hours ago in Local

Sanford Police Warns Of Deadly Synthetic Mixed With Heroin


The Sanford Police Department is warning about a new drug being cut with heroin.

9 hours ago in Local

Bath to Build Newest Version of Arleigh Burke Destroyer


The Navy is moving forward with plans to build a destroyer with the capability of shooting down ballistic missiles and air-based threats at the same time.

National Headlines

11 hours ago in National

Conservatives in Congress urge shutdown of tax-collecting IRS


It's a U.S. taxpayer's dream: make the Internal Revenue Service go away, and the largest conservative group in Congress is endorsing just that.

14 hours ago in National, World

Islamic State boosts attacks in response to territorial losses


Islamic State attacks have increased this year, particularly in Iraq and Syria as the group responds to substantial territorial losses, a U.S.-based analysis firm says.

14 hours ago in National

Clinton, looking ahead to general election, begins Appalachia tour


U.S. Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton begins a two-day tour on Monday through rural, traditionally coal-reliant parts of the eastern Appalachian region where Republican rival Donald Trump’s pro-coal, anti-trade message has resonated with economically distressed voters.

14 hours ago in National

Eyeing an Indiana victory, Trump says, ‘It’s over’


Front-runner Donald Trump says that he will have essentially sealed the Republican U.S. presidential nomination if he wins Tuesday's contest in Indiana, where he holds a big lead over chief rival Ted Cruz.