Ken and Mike



Friday, July 25, 201407/25/2014

7-25 Dr. Christy

Mike and Barry Hobbins speak with climate scientist at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, Dr. John Christy, about climate change and climate change skepticism.


Thursday, July 24, 201407/24/2014

7-24 Shenna Bellows

Democratic hopeful Shenna Bellows joins the show


Thursday, July 24, 201407/24/2014

7-24 Col David Hunt

Fox News military analyst Col David Hunt joins to discuss foreign policy issues of the week.


Monday, July 21, 201407/21/2014

7-21 Steve Mistler

Press Herald’s Steve Mistler joins to discuss the Governor’s PR victory over nursing homes, and more!


Friday, July 18, 201407/18/2014

Jeff Orwig 7-18

Jeff Orwig from the Founder’s Day Classic Car Exhibit ‘On the Green’ calls in.


Friday, July 18, 201407/18/2014

Bill Nemitz 7-18

Bill Nemitz calls in to talk about his column about the Time & Temperature sign in downtown Portland.


Thursday, July 17, 201407/17/2014

7-17 John Baldacci

Former Governor John Baldacci joins to discuss the nursing home issue in Maine, and campaign financing.


Thursday, July 17, 201407/17/2014

7-17 Eliot Cutler

Eliot Cutler drops by to discuss campaign financing and other topics!


Wednesday, July 16, 201407/16/2014

7-16 Matt Bowman

Matt Bowman is an attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom. He has worked on all of the major religious liberty cases this year with the Supreme Courts and other lower courts. Specifically, he has been involved in litigating the case of Eleanor McCullen. This was the case that has resulted in the repeal of the Planned Parenthood buffer zone in Portland.


Tuesday, July 15, 201407/15/2014

7-15 Trey Hardin

ABC’s Trey Hardin joins to discuss Rand Paul and Rick Perry sparring over foreign policy.

Local Headlines

in Local

Portland Bans E-Cigarette Use In Public Places


PORTLAND, Maine (AP) Maine's largest city has approved a measure prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

in Local

Maine Panel Rejects Bill to Nix Legislative Term Limits


A legislative committee has dealt a blow to an effort to repeal term limits for lawmakers.

in Local

Parents Want Medical Marijuana to be Allowed in Hospitals

GENERIC Marijuana-3

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Medical marijuana patients in Maine are urging Maine lawmakers to allow them to use smokeless forms…

National Headlines

in National, Sports

Boston bomber’s lawyer urges ‘unrelenting punishment’ over death


Convicted bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's lawyers are urging jurors to reject the death penalty, saying "no punishment could ever be equal to the terrible effects of these crimes."

in National, World

PHOTOS: Nepal earthquake


Rescue and relief efforts are underway after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday.

in National, World

Death toll climbs as Nepal scrambles to organize quake relief


Thousands began fleeing the capital Kathmandu on Monday after two days of powerful aftershocks and shortages of food and water.

in Lifestyle, National

Gas prices jump 13 cents; could climb further


The average national price of a regular gallon of gasoline has jumped in the past two weeks to $2.58.