Ken and Mike



Wednesday, September 4, 201309/04/2013

9-4 Eye on Politics

Political analysts Phil and Ethan join for an in depth discussion on Syria and all the politics behind it!


Tuesday, September 3, 201309/03/2013

9-3 Trey Hardin

ABC political analyst Trey Hardin joins to discuss the politics surrounding the crisis in Syria and Obama seeking congressional approval for intervention.


Thursday, August 29, 201308/29/2013

8-29 Capital Insights

Former governor John Baldacci joins for a Capital Insights on an early look at the Maine elections and a discussion on the money involved in politics.


Wednesday, August 28, 201308/28/2013

8-28 Peter Geiger

Peter Geiger joins from the Farmers Almanac to discuss what they’re predicting will be a cold Winter for the state of Maine.


Wednesday, August 28, 201308/28/2013

8-28 Eye on Politics

Phil and Ethan join to discuss the district 19 race, and other political issues surrounding the state of Maine this week!


Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

8-27 Trey Hardin

ABC political analyst weighs in on the Obama White House gearing up for war, healthcare, and other national issues of the week!


Monday, August 26, 201308/26/2013

8-26 Steve Mistler

Portland Press Herald’s Steve Mistler joins to discuss the continued controversy surrounding the Governor.


Thursday, August 22, 201308/22/2013

8-22 Col David Hunt

Col David Hunt weighs in on the current situation in the Middle East, the Bradley Manning trial, and more!


Wednesday, August 21, 201308/21/2013

8-21 Eye on Politics

Phil and Ethan join for an Eye on Politics about the alleged LePage comments and the ongoing fallout, and the “gang of 13″ Republicans who are very unhappy with the party.


Tuesday, August 20, 201308/20/2013

8-20 Brent Littlefield

LePage’s political adviser, Brent Littlefield joins to give his response to allegations that the Governor said Obama hates white people.

Local Headlines

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Maine Police Chief Accused of Drunken Driving


PARIS, Maine (AP) _ The police chief of a Maine town is facing a drunken driving charge after getting pulled over last week.

in Local

Summit to Pay Back Customers for Lost Deposits

Newsradio WGAN

Summit Natural Gas of Maine is promising to reimburse customers who paid a contractor for work that was never done.

in Local

Bucksport Mill Closure Pushed Back to End of Year


BUCKSPORT, Maine (AP) _ The closure of a Bucksport paper mill that is expected to put more than 500 people out of work is being pushed back from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, keeping employees on payroll for another month.

National Headlines

in Black Friday, National

PHOTOS: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


The 88th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade stepped off in NYC, officially ushering in the holiday season.

in National

Thanksgiving grease cooks up plumbing disasters


Thanksgiving is a royal pain in the U.S. drain.

in National

Ebola survivors thankful for ‘second chance’


Six of the nine Ebola patients treated in the U.S. met for the first time.

in National

Thanksgiving travel at a 7-year high


More than 46 million Americans are expected to travel over the holiday weekend.