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Monday, November 16, 201511/16/2015

11/16/15 Podcast Aaron Katersky

Paris remains on edge in the wake of Friday’s terror attacks, as authorities have arrested seven and continue their international manhunt for an 8th man they believe was involved in the attacks, as well as investigate leads and other evidence in searching for others that may have been complicit in the operation.  As Parisians mourn those lost in the attacks, dozens remain hospitalized.  Details of how the attacks were carried out are now emerging, and the city tries to determine how to move forward in the current climate.  And the French government launched a giant bombing mission of a ISIS stronghold in Syria.  Aaron and Tom are in Paris with the latest developments, and can describe the current atmosphere in the City of Light.


Monday, November 16, 201511/16/2015

11/16/15 First Take

Kicking off the middle of November with Friday’s attacks in Paris, Democratic debatc, Don Reiter, City council considers State, High Streets, the Offshore wind farm is back on the agenda and the Patriots….


Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

11/13/15 Podcast Major Annette Lock

Major Annette Lock of the Salvation Army joins Ken and Mike on location at Eggs N’ Issued to disscuss the Kettle Campaign…


Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

11/13/15 Podcast Volk Family

The Volk Family; Dylan and his parents Amy and Derek join Ken and Mike at the Holiday Inn by the Bay to discuss receiving the Spurwink Humanitarian Award.


Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

11/13/15 Podcast William Caron

William Caron – The President of Maine Health, Joins Ken and Mike for this month’s Eggs N’ Issues to discuss healthcare….


Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

11/13/15 Podcast General Bolduc

From the National Guard and Talking about the 133rd Engineer Battalion – General Bolduc joins Ken and MIke this morning to discuss the future of the Battalion…


Friday, November 13, 201511/13/2015

11/13/15 Eggs N’ Issues First Take

Ken and Mike are at the Holiday Inn by the bay for Eggs N’ Issues this morning! Is Jihad john dead? Trump takes on Carson, Government oversight committee considers Eves/LePage conflict, Secret service agent caught in sting, Then Utah judge says lesbian can’t have child and Justin Dipietro arrested…


Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

11/12/15 Podcast Col. David Hunt

Every other Thursday after th 8AM news, Fox New’s Military analyst Col. David Hunt joins Ken and Mike to discuss the latest in military and government…


Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

11/12/15 Podcast Aaron Katersky

Daily fantasy sports sites FanDuel and DraftKings are prepared to fight in court against New York state’s top prosecutor, who said that they were running illegal gambling operations and ordered them to stop taking bets in the state. The two companies, which have five business days to respond to the order issued on Tuesday, have continued to take money from customers in the state, they said.


Thursday, November 12, 201511/12/2015

11/12/15 Podcast Jim Ryan

The resignation of the school president has not entirely calmed frayed nerves at the University of Missouri. A 19-year-old student at another MU branch has been arrested on charges of posting on-line threats targeting the campus in Columbia where racial tension brought down the school’s president. Some of the ominous messages were posted on the social media site Yik Yak, which is supposed to be anonymous. But police tracked down a suspect and arrested him in his dorm. Now the question is whether he acted alone. ABC’s Jim Ryan will have the update.

Local Headlines

14 hours ago in Local

Synthetic Pesticide Task Force Proposed In Portland


Portland City Council's Energy and Sustainability Committee voted in favor of creating a task force to consider restricting the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizer in the city.

15 hours ago in Local

Augusta Man Pleads Guilty To Drug Distribution Charges


A 44-year-old Augusta man has admitted to federal drug distribution charges stemming from a 2015 traffic stop arrest at a southern Maine rest stop

19 hours ago in Local

Greek Orthodox Priest’s Sex Abuse Conviction Is Upheld


The Maine supreme court has rejected the appeal of a former Greek Orthodox priest convicted of sexually abusing a child.

National Headlines

8 hours ago in National

Making headlines this week


A look back at some of the biggest newsmakers this week and the headlines you may have missed.

16 hours ago in National

Teen pregnancies hit historic low


The annual survey shows the continuation of a downward trend that began in 2006 and continued through 2014, the latest year of complete data, when nearly 250,000 babies were born to girls and women aged 15 to 19.

16 hours ago in National

U.S. high court approves rule change to expand FBI hacking power

A lock icon, signifying an encrypted Internet connection, is seen on an Internet Explorer browser in a photo illustration in Paris in this April 15, 2014 file photo.

The Supreme Court on Thursday approved a rule change that would let U.S. judges issue search warrants for access to computers located in any jurisdiction despite opposition from civil liberties groups who say it will greatly expand the FBI's hacking authority.

16 hours ago in National, World

Biden visits Iraq in show of support amid multiple crises


U.S. Vice President Joe Biden met Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and other top officials in unannounced visits to Baghdad and Erbil on Thursday to show support for a government battling Islamic State amid political and economic crises.