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Tuesday, November 25, 201411/25/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll

Do you agree with the decision of the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri to NOT indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown?


Tuesday, October 21, 201410/21/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

During this year’s bear baiting referendum DIFW officials have been appearing in uniform on TV commercials advocating a no vote on Question 1. Should state employees in uniform be allowed to appear in any media supporting or opposing any political initative?


Monday, October 20, 201410/20/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

Fairpoint workers are currently in their 1st week on strike against management. Who’s side are you on?


Friday, October 17, 201410/17/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

The Obama Administration has come under criticism for not imposing a travel ban to and from Africa where the Ebola virus is present. Should the US impose a travel ban to and from countries where the Ebola virus is present?


Thursday, October 16, 201410/16/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

Who do you think won the first state wide televised Gubernatorial debate last night?


Wednesday, October 15, 201410/15/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

Alright kids, we’re 3 weeks out! Who ya got in the run for Guv’nah?!


Tuesday, October 14, 201410/14/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

The Dept. of Defense says that climate change is now a direct threat to national security and they’ll now take appropriate steps to adjust their strategies to deal with it. Do you think climate change is a direct threat to national security?


Monday, October 13, 201410/13/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

In the wake of the hayride tragedy in Mechanic Falls, do you think hayrides need to be regulated in Maine?


Thursday, October 9, 201410/09/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

To feed the bears or not feed the bears.., that is the question! How are you going to vote on Question 1, the anti bear baiting referendum?


Tuesday, October 7, 201410/07/2014

WGAN’s Ken and Mike Poll Question

Eliot Cutler says that as governor he would promote a plan to have the state buy Verso’s energy assets to provide low-cost power to businesses at a new industrial park near the mill in Bucksport. Do you think Cutler’s idea is a good one?

Local Headlines

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Maine Democrats Seek Investigation in Senate Race

Newsradio WGAN

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) _ Maine Democrats are questioning possible ballot irregularities in a race for the state Senate.

in Local

Maine Heating Prices Continue Decline

Newsradio WGAN

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ A Maine government survey says the average statewide cash price for heating oil dropped 3 cents in the past week.

in Local

Ferguson Demonstrations Set for Bangor, Portland

Newsradio WGAN

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) _ Demonstrations are set to take place in two Maine cities in the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury decision.

National Headlines

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U.S. to leave more troops in Afghanistan than first planned


The number of troops in Afghanistan next year will be larger than originally thought to fill a gap left in the NATO mission.

in Black Friday, National

Macy’s opening even earlier this Thanksgiving


Dinner will be cut short: The department store chain will open at 6 p.m., two hours earlier than last year.

in Black Friday, National

PHOTOS: Turkeys who got a presidential pardon


Ever wonder what happened to those turkeys that got a Thanksgiving reprieve from the President?

in National

Storm may snarl trip for Thanksgiving travelers


A nor'easter headed up the East Coast could cause havoc for millions of Thanksgiving travelers.